Working Conditions Australia

Conditions of employment are protected by law, and apply to all workers, except for those on personal or collective contracts.

Working hours in Oz vary tremendously. It all depends on your place of employment and your profession. Standard working week is usually 37 to 40 hours. Many employees in Oz work more then ten hours over time in any given week. Many executives, professionals and managers put in close to 50 hours of over time a week without getting extra pay.

Benefits are offered by some companies. Some of these benefits could include health insurance, expense accounts, even private schooling for their children. A good percentage of employees get a quarter of their overtime earnings and this is considered a fringe benefit.

Main points to consider regarding Australian working conditions:

Hours: A working week is 37 hours long, unless otherwise agreed upon when signing the contract. The accepted working week is 9am until 5pm, Monday through Friday. Those working for an hourly rate usually receive overtime payment. The employer is forbidden to reduce the working hours agreed upon in the contract.

Insurance contributions: Included in regular taxation.

Pensions: Employers are obligated to contribute up to 9% of the monthly salary for pension purposes, including for part-time and temporary workers.

Employment Insurance: Every employer must have accident insurance. In addition, they are obligated to comply with all safety laws, which are quite stringent. An employee injured on the job is entitled to compensation.

Sick Pay: Most employees are entitled to two weeks a year, with pay. Usually, you need to have worked for six months, and to have informed your employer ahead of time, to be full movie Okja

Holiday pay: Those with permanent positions are entitled to at least four weeks a year, and this total may increase to six weeks over time. A part-time position sometimes provides holiday days in proportion to the amount of time spent at work during the year.

National Holidays: There are eight national holidays during the year, as well as several local holidays, such as the Melbourne Cup in Victoria.