Wages and Salary in Australia

Salary is the prime factor in employment conditions and is fixed through negotiations with the employer.

Australia’s job postings do not list the salary for jobs. This makes it difficult for the prospected employee, not knowing what the pay will be for jobs they are applying. Public employees are paid according to pre-determined amounts. The highest salaries are in the New South Wales area, especially Sydney. Queensland and South Oz have the lowest. It is mainly based on the cost of living in different areas. Oz has the lowest cost of living compared to other European countries and the United States.

Oz does not have a set minimum wage. It is set according to the industry, trade or profession your in. Pay rates are decided between the union and its employees. There are 35,000 different pay wages. Many employees are paid well above this rate. More then two-thirds of small businesses pay over this rate, while only fifty percent of the large companies do. The Australian government has a website (wagnet.gov.au) you can visit to get more information on wages and working conditions.

The average weekly wage for an adult male working full-time in 2000 was $833, for female it was $698. For women employed in part-time and temporary work, the pay stakes have sadly taken a huge dip over the past few years. Migrants that come from non-speaking English backgrounds only average less then $300 per week. This average has been on a slow-steady climb over the past few years. Highest paid jobs in Oz are mining, finance and insurance fields. The lowest paid are retail, catering, and tourism.

Main points to consider when searching for Australian job:movie Despicable Me 3 2017 download

– Ensure the pay rate is up to your expectations.
– Take into count your qualifications and experience.
– Salaries are usually negotiable and asking for better pay that suits your experience will only benefit you.
– The salary quoted is usually weekly, and in Australian Dollars (current exchange rates).
– The average salary for all sectors is around AU$ 700 a week, or AU$ 18 per hour.
– The minimum wage is AU$ 10-12 per hour.
– Average managerial salary is AU$ 1200 per week.
– Before signing a contract, check if the salary is within the accepted range for that area of employment.
– Salaries are usually higher in Sydney, followed by Melbourne and Brisbane. Overtime is generally 1.5 times the regular pay, although it can be as much as twice the regular amount on weekends.

Main points to consider in regards to Taxation:

– The Australian tax year begins on the 1st of July.
– Oz has a signed a dual taxation agreement with 38 countries, meaning international income is also taxed.
– Most salary components are taxable, including pension and bonuses, although some of them are exempt.
– To receive tax rebates, you must file a request on the 31st of October, and you can do so online.
– When your new contract takes effect, you must provide your employer with a tax file number. Without this, you will be charged the maximum tax rate.