Voluntary and Temporary Work in Australia

Nearly fifty percent of Australian companies hire temporary workers. Temporary workers will work for only a few weeks or months then the employment will end. The main reason companies do this is to cover for someone sick, on leave, or to help during the busy seasons. Businesses find it is more time-efficient and cost effective to hire temporary workers. They save money on health insurance and other full time benefits the temporary employer does not qualify for.

Many people like doing temporary work because it allows more flexibility for time off, travel, and holidays. The down side is no job security and benefits are not offered. However, it makes for higher hourly rate. Temporary work is appealing to foreigners with holidaymaker visas; this allows you to work for an employer for three months. Good sources to check out for holiday makers are Live, Work, and Play in Oz by Sharyn McCullum you may also want to check out the TNT Australian and New Zealand Travel Planner. One thing to remember about temporary jobs is they are hard to find and do require experience and qualifications, if you do not possess enough you may have a harder time finding work. Visitoz Scheme (www.visitoz.org) is also a valuable resource for visitors with working holiday visas.

When looking for a temporary job try to start your job search before holidays or college breaks. When colleges break for the holidays, you have more competition in your job search. Avoid taking jobs that have an unpaid “trial” period, they generally are tricking you into working for free, not to mention it is illegal. .

The easiest places to find work are on farms usually picking fruit or vegetables. The pay varies considerably it can be on an hourly base or most often paid per piece picked. If paid per piece the more you pick the more money you make. Farming is definitely not for the delicate person, it is a very hard, dirty job. Farms are also a big target for immigration officers that results in deportation of illegal immigrants.

Voluntary Workwatch full Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie film online

You must be 18 to do voluntary work in Oz. Voluntary work is unpaid; meals and accommodations generally are supplied. There are no special qualifications needed for volunteering. Your eligibility should be checked before entering Oz under the immigration and employment regulations. You do not need a separate volunteer visa for unpaid volunteer work the usual visitors visa is enough. Some of the major organizations that need volunteer help are The Red Cross Society, the Salvation Army, and St. Johns Ambulance Association.