Top 10 Australian beaches

There are many things that make the land down under popular with the bushies and blokes. From mud crabs and the Outback, to a cold stubby in a pub, Australia has just about everything for everyone.

For everything that Australia has to offer its residents and visitors, there is still one thing that draws visitors to Australia more than anything else: the beaches. Australia boasts more than 36,000 kilometres- of beaches, and depending on what your definition of a beach is, chances are a walk toward the edge of the island will lead you to a beach. Australian beaches are unique in the world. Most feature soft, white sands and crystal blue waters. They attract surfers and beautiful people, as much as they attract people just looking to relax. With so much coastline and so many beaches, how do you determine which ones are the best? Australia’s diversity extends beyond its flora and fauna, as its beaches are also quite diverse. Whether you are looking for a place where you can catch a few breakers and hang with the surfies, or a peaceful place to sunbake and eye a few Sheilas, Australia has beach for you.

In a land completely surrounded by water, here is a list of just a few of Australia’s best beaches. There are literally hundreds of Australian beaches to choose from and visit. Read on and find the one that offers you what you’re looking for, pack a few tallies, and get ready to hit the shore.

1. Bondi Beach – If you’re looking for a beach full of things to do, there is nowhere better to go than Bondi Beach. One of the world’s most famous beaches, Bondi Beach offers visitors everything from surf competitions to beachside coffee shops. With about one kilometer of the world’s softest sand, Bondi Beach is definitely one stop that any visitor to Australia has to make.

2. The Gold Coast – The Gold Coast is actually a collection of nearly two-dozen beaches, and provides a very glamorous beach-going exprience. The sea is clean, blue, and very warm in the summer. Included amongst the beaches of The Gold Coast are Main Beach and Surfer’s Paradise, which are both world-renowned for their excellent surfing. Also making up The Gold Coast are Broadbeach and Nobby Beach, both of which are perfect for family outings, BBQ’s, and strolls on the shore. If it’s a peaceful swim you’re looking for, try Greenmount Beach, whose location makes it the perfect place for a swim in the sea.

3. Little Cove – Looking to swim and surf with the best? Look no farther than Little Cove. Besides being a favorite gathering spot for some of the world’s best surfers, the area also features some of the world’s best surfing schools for those looking to learn.

4. Whitehaven – Okay so this beach is technically part of a island off of the coast of Australia, but few who have walked on its baby powder white sand will argue against its magnificence. Accessible by sea or by air, Whitehaven has been voted by many (local and otherwise) as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Hard to describe with words, this is definitely an island paradise that makes the trip down under worth it.

5. Cable Beach – If you’re looking for a beach that combines both culture and a tropical resort atmosphere, Cable Beach is the ultimate destination. Cable Beach boasts action in the form of Chinese and Japanese pearl divers, and great views of the Australian sunset. Cable Beach is far enough away from most major Australian cities that it becomes difficult to distinguish whether you are in Australia or somewhere in the tropics.

6. Wineglass Bay – Anyone looking for a little adventure will welcome the search for this isolated little beach. Located in Freycinet National Park in Tasmania, Wineglass Bay is shaped like a perfect smile. Since it is part of a national park, the beach can be accessed by road or by path, it all depends on how hard you want to work to get there. Wineglass Bay does not feature any shops or large crowds of beachgoers, just beautiful waters, soft sand, and perhaps some much needed peace and quiet.

7. Hyams Beach – If your desire is to catch a glimpse of some of Australia’s wildlife, than Hyams Beach is probably right up your alley. Hyams Beach is one of the most visually stunning beaches in all of Australia. Its clear waters are home to dolphins and whales, which make it a favorite destination for all lovers of nature.

8. Bells Beach – If you’re hungry for a little competition, then Bells Beach is definitely the Australian beach for you. Home of the longest running surf competition in the world, Bells Beach is world-famous for one thing: surfing. Some of the world’s greatest have taken on the area’s waves, and although it was once difficult to access, today it is the place for surfers and surfing enthusiasts to spend the Easter week.

It is difficult to argue with the beauty and diversity of Australia’s beaches. Whether you’re looking for a beach to relax and drink a few beers, a place to surf and hit the waves, or a tropical paradise for some rest and relaxation, chances are you will find just what you are looking for in Australia. With some of the best beaches in the world, visitors to the land down under have plenty to choose from. These sites are but of a few of the many beaches that Australia has to offer. The surf, the sand, and the sun await you – as do a few palm trees and the occasional dolphin. The only question left to ask is: Which beach will you be visiting first?