Temporary Visa Australia

Citizens of all countries, except for New Zealand, are required to have a visa to enter Australia. Generally, the request has to be submitted outside of Australia.

A tourist visa is generally valid for six months; however, in special cases, it is subject to extension for another six months.In 2002 about 4.8 million tourists came to Australia, who spent 17.1 million dollars during their stay— a contribution of 11 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).live streaming film Nerve

A student visa is granted only after acceptance to the intended course of study, and payment for at least one semester. The students have to meet several additional criteria, which are described on the website. In 2002, about 97,000 foreign students came to Australia, an increase of 13 percent than the previous year. Most of the students come from Asian countries; however, there are also lots of students from Unites States and Europe.

Short term business visa (Less than 3 months)– is designated for short term business activity such as formal meetings or guidance. The visa has to be submitted outside of Australia and it is not subject for extension; in addition, it does not allow for any working permit whatsoever.

Long term business visa (Up to 4 years) – the visa is temporary and it is designated for a period between three months and four years. It is for people who are interested in working for companies that are operating in Australia or for companies who are interested in opening up a franchise on the continent. One can also immigrate on a business basis; however the applicant will first receive a temporary visa, and only afterwards may he or she continue the process.In order to receive a visa on a business basis, one has to receive a sponsorship from an Australian employer, and meet several conditions:

– The business is legal and active and has a successful past.
– This move can be a direct contribution to the country.
– The sponsor is the direct executive.

Should the business not meet the required conditions, or if the given information is false, the department of immigration can cancel the visa. During the stay one cannot work for any other employer. In order to change a sponsor, one has to submit a new request for a visa and go through the whole process from the beginning.