Temporary Housing

Australia has a variety of temporary accommodations, including hotels, motels, and hostels for backpackers and campers. The most expensive option is to stay at hotels, which are usually in the center of the cities. The most popular and cheaper option is to stay at hostels, which are designated for tourists, or at the camping grounds that are spread throughout the continent. The price for a night depends on the season; the peak is during school holidays. (Australia’s summer holiday season is between the months of December and February)

Hotels – The largest selection of hotels are in Sydney and Queensland, two of Australia’s most popular tourist attractions. Hotels in Australia are rated, and five stars is the highest rank. The average cost for a room at a five star hotel is more than 200 Australian dollars per night (updated currency). The cost for a four star hotel is an average of $150 per night and the prices for a room per night at two or three star hotels is approximately $90. There are old and beautiful Victorian-style hotels in the village areas of Australia that were built during the gold rush. On the following website you will find most of the hotels on the continent.

Motels – are generally found on the roadsides, and they offer excellent accommodations for a reasonable price, averaging $50 per night. Motels are generally equipped with a private shower, refrigerator, television, and telephone. Some of them even have a swimming pool. Prices will be cheaper for those who book a few nights in advance.watch full Free Fire 2017 film online

Youth Hostels (Backpackers) – is the preferred option for tourists, due to its low price and amicable relations. The price per night for one room with an occupancy from 4 to 8 is anywhere from 12 to 20 Australian dollars . An extended length of stay will usually be eligible for a discount. Hostels usually have a communal kitchen, television room, and, for a fee, internet. In recent years, hostels have enjoyed a good deal of development. Today they offer new rooms, cable television, and private showers. In the popular tourist areas and in the big cities, service workers of the hostel will greet you at the bus station and drive you to the hostel for free. You also have the option of signing up as members, to be eligible for a discount at your next hostel. There are lists of hostels which have a joined such a partnership. The big chains are VIP Backpackers and Nomads Backpackers. Another option is the organization of youth hostels called YHA that lists over 140 hostels (almost a third of existing hostels). The membership costs $50 per person, and there is an option to purchase a Hostelling International card so you can book at hostels in other countries.

Caravan parks and camping grounds – Australia is a wonderful country for camping and making use of tents, which is also the cheapest way to stay (5 dollars per person per night). Most of the areas have showers, toilets, a laundry room and also a kitchen with appliances, so they provide a great value for the price you pay. These areas can be found at almost every civilized point on the map, and, generally, at the beach areas. One should find out if the area is designated for caravans only, or for tents as well.