Student Visa

A student visa is given only after acceptance to the appropriate course of study, and payment for at least one semester. The students have to meet several additional conditions, which are listed below:

Work: You may work up to 20 hours per week during the school period and an unlimited amount during holidays; however, you should submit your request for a working permit in Australia and only after your studies commence. The partner of a second degree student (Master) can work with no restrictions, but for a first degree (bachelor) student, the partner is limited to 20 hours.

Attendance: You have to attend at least 80 percent of the lectures, despite the fact that for most of the courses they don’t mark attendance.

IELTS test: The required academic exam is IELTS. It is divided into four parts: Listening, writing, reading, and speaking. For most of the universities there is a minimum score requirement— on average 6.5 out of 9— and it is not acceptable to score lower than a 6 for each section.

Able to support: First degree students have to prove by a bank statement their ability to financially support themselves throughout the learning period, to able sustain themselves, and to afford the cost of travel tickets. Advanced degree students have to prove that they can support themselves for one year only. The approval can be from some immediate relative.

Medical exams: The exams have to be executed by a doctor on behalf of the embassy. The list of the doctors can be obtained by the Australian embassy in Tell Aviv. The exam includes a chest x-ray and urine test.

Medical insurance: Students are required to have a student medical insurance policy (OSCH) or any other private insurance policy. The universities usually include the fee together with the tuition.

Other conditions: The request can only be done in the country of birth, and one cannot transfer from a tourist visa to a student visa.

The studies should be full-time, and one should keep a satisfactory grade level (GPA).

Detailed information can be found in the study categories at the website of the Australian department of immigration. In addition, you may download the A157 form that you will have to submit to the embassy.