Renting a House in Australia

The renting process in Australia is a bit more complicated than elsewhere. Most of the transactions are carried out through a real estate agent, and the process for acceptance is long.

The search process: It is recommended to inform your friends about your plans to rent a flat, since many of the accommodations in the real estate market are not advertised in a conventional manner; rather, they are brought to public attention by “word of mouth.”

The best day to search in the newspapers is on Saturday. The Australian newspapers are generally regional ; they are circulated only in certain states. Examples include the The Age in Melbourne, and the Sydney Morning Herald in Sydney. An exception is The Australian, which has a national circulation.

The main internet sites to find a flat on are Domain and Real-Estate, which are actually controlled by the big newspapers.

Other methods include searching for announcements on shopping windows or on the bulletin board of universities. However, the most popular way is to search through a real estate agent, who acts on behalf of the client. Their job is to find the best renter for a particular property. Of course, you may find yourself on a list of 20 to 30 potential candidates for a highly demanded property.

You can find licensed real estate agents throughout the continent on this site.

Tips for successful search

– Start your search very early in the morning, so you can be the first candidate on the list.

– Try as much as possible to be ready for an immediate inspection of the property.

– Dress appropriately and leave a good impression on the real estate agent or seller.

– It is recommended that you have ready the following documents: driver’s license and passport, a document that offers proof of your employment, a salary slip, written references from your employers or previous landlords, the balance of your bank account, and telephone numbers of other references.

– Use past references from your country; agents certainly also call abroad.

– Pets are an absolute disadvantage.

Cost of Rent

Rental prices vary greatly from neighborhood to neighborhood. In principle, the farther the flat is from the city center, public transport and other public services, the lower the price. You can visit the internet sites listed above in order to get a general picture of the prices.

The price to rent a flat in Sydney is, on the average the highest. It fluctuates between 250 to 350 dollars per week for a three bedroom apartment. In Melbourne the price will fluctuate between 200 to 300 Australian dollars for a similar apartment in the suburban communities.

When signing the contract, you will be required to deposit an amount of money that is equal to the cost of rent per month as a bond. The deposit is meant to cover future damages, should they find any in their detailed examination.

According to law, the landlord is required to give you a receipt for every transaction. Should he want to hike up the price at the end of the contract, he will be required to do it in writing, with advance notice.

Your rights as a leaser are fixed by law. You may receive more information in this government site, and learn as well how to proceed in case of discrimination.

Other charges: Since natural gas is a common natural resource in Australia and its price is lower than electricity, its use is popular, especially in old houses. In order to receive a general idea of the rates of the main gas and electric companies in Australia you may visit the internet site AGL. It is worth mentioning that the electric voltage in Australia is 240V like most countries , but the outlets are different.

Surprising as it may be, water is an expensive necessity in Australia, which suffers from a water shortage. Lately there have been several new laws to avoid the waste of water. The price differs from region to region. The payments are usually quarterly, and include a set price and cost per unit.