Living in Sydney Australia

Founded: 1788

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, and is the largest and oldest city in Australia. It began as a city of convicts at beginning of the 19th century, when it was considered a terrible and immoral place.

Today it is a little bit hard to view the city in that light, since many consider it to be the one of the finest cities in the world. Originally, the settlement was called New Albion, however after a few years the name was changed to Sydney, after the Lord Sydney who granted the permit to establish the settlement. The city is Australia’s financial center, and has a cosmopolitan atmosphere. It is also the home of many of Australian icons, such as the Sydney opera house and Sydney Harbor Bridge.

The Harbor Bridge, which was built in 1932, connects the two parts of the city, while the southern part of Sydney attracts the most visitors. The Olympics which were held in Sydney in 2000 fortified the status of the city as a preferred tourist landmark. This image was also helped by widespread structural development associated with the games. The Olympic park, which is located fourteen kilometers west of the city center on the Hume Bush Gulf, has undergone serious restoration, and the services were facilitated to be friendlier for the environment. Developments included the 110,000 seat Olympic stadium, and the Olympic village adjacent to it. The Sydney Olympics themselves were considered a great success.

Living in Sydney Australia – Top ten things to do

1. The Circular Quay area – It is hard to remain indifferent towards the magnificent blend of nature and the human hand on display here. You can find the Opera house with the famous arches, and opposite it, the Sydney Harbor Bridge. It is possible to climb up to the highest point of the bridge and see the city from another point of view.

2. The Opera House, which was completed in 1973, has four main halls and it may be toured it during the day. Relaxing in the nearby cafes and enjoying view of the gulf is recommended.

3. Near the Opera House are the botanical gardens from 1816, with unique plants and rare birds. Under the bridge is the tourist site called “The Rocks,” the first settlement in the city. This region is a historic square with old buildings and narrow streets that are pleasant for a stroll.

4. The city center – In the center of the city south of Circular Quay are some imposing Victorian edifices, like the old post office building and the city council (built in1874), and there are beautiful shopping centers nearby.

5. While in Sydney it is recommended that you visit the tallest building in Australia, The Sydney Tower, which is 305 meters high. On a clear day you can even see the Blue Mountains to the west. Near the observation deck is Hyde Park, the first Cricket field of the settlement. Near that you can see the oldest synagogue of Sydney (there were also Jews among the first convicts).

6. From there you can go to the populous China Town and Darling Harbor, which was once a port, but today serves as a tourist centre which includes Sydney’s huge aquarium and lots of restaurants and cafes. Nearby you can find Sydney’s Casino, if you have a penchant for gambling.

7. Sydney is blessed with magnificent beaches. The most well-known among them is the Bondi Beach in the east, home to many surfers and tourists, and the central region of the Jewish community. Along the high-tided beach are many cafes and hostels as well as recommended tourist routes. Via the boardwalk, you can walk from Bondi up to Coogee beach.

8. The Blue Mountains – West of the city, a one-hour drive away, are the Blue Mountains, a tourist attraction that is rated on the United Nation’s list of the world’s top cultural sites. Its colourful name comes from blue fog that is created by the leaves of eucalyptus trees. The mountains’ height is around 1,000 meters, and there is a walking trail in the midst of the mountain wilderness.

9. The boisterous Kings-Cross is one of the liveliest suburbs, and it is open around the clock. It includes pubs, bars, and even strip clubs.

10. In the city centre the entertainment area is centered around George Street. On the eastern side of the city, the entertainment is centered on Oxford Street.

Public transport – the airport is very close to the city, about 11 km, and it is the busiest airport on the entire continent. The city’s public transport offers a great service. One can purchase an unlimited daily ticket that allows travel on the trains, buses, and tunnels. The metro runs throughout the whole city; in the city centre, the trains are underground. It operates from five in the morning till the late hours of the night. If you want to travel to Bondi beach, you have to get off at the Bondi Junction and transfer to a bus that goes straight to there. For more information about train services, or for information about the bus service please visit this site. site.

There is also a city tram and monorail- train that runs on one track at an elevation of a few meters from the ground. The latter two are more attractive for tourists than the regular public transport. Another means for touring around the city is by water, including ferry and speedboat trips.