Housing in Australia

Australia has the highest percentage of homeowners per capita in the world, more than Britain and the United States together. However, it has declined in the last decade due to rising home prices in Australia’s capital cities. The Australian government is doing its best to bring a stop to this phenomenon with a range of discounts and tax exemptions, especially for the first-time home buyers.

Most Australian homes are private residences. Many are built of brick, and these are relatively expensive compared with houses whose interior frames are made of wood. Residential buildings are spread out in the city centre, or along the coast, where the land is considered expensive.

Sydney is the most expensive city in which to purchase a home, with an average price of 350,000 Australian dollars. Melbourne comes right after Sydney, while Adelaide is considered the cheapest capital city in which to purchase a home. Generally, the price of homes in Australia is more expensive in the center of the city than in the surrounding suburbs.Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 live streaming movie

It is now more common to rent a flat in the city center of Sydney or Melbourne, though the prices have increased lately. The rental process includes presenting documents and references, such as a driver’s license, passport, salary slip, a list of references, and even the balance of your bank account.

In case you have decided to transfer your household goods to Australia , be sure to read the customs instructions regarding which products are illegal to import into Australia. Try to choose a trustworthy moving company and have your property insured. In any case, you should carefully consider what to take along. It may be worthwhile to simply sell the objects in your home country and buy new ones in Australia.