ENS Visa – Employer Nomination Scheme

In Australia, for people who want to immigrate and find work there is a method to do so. Like many other nations, Australia has a visa meant specifically for job seekers and those intending to work in Australia as an employee of a business. This visa is called the Employer Nomination Scheme or ENS. It allows Australian employers to look for certain skill sets among highly skilled workers overseas, and it can be done either temporarily or as a permanent hire.

The Employee Nomination Scheme is done in two separate stages – first the employer has to nominate the employee based upon his or her skill set and willingness to relocate their family. After the employee is nominated for a position, they then have to actually apply for a visa from the Australian government to be granted permission to live and work in Australia.

The beginning of the employer nomination stage of this process starts when the employer completes and submits the relevant forms to prove that they are in need of this measure. First, they have to show that they do indeed need an employee to work on a paid basis and that their place of employment is situated in Australia, and that the person submitting the application is the rightful employer or owner of the business.

The job vacancy that the employer is nominating his or her potential employee for must require the appointment of a highly skilled person. This is defined in Australian immigration law as being someone with at least three years of formal training in one field, or five years of relevant work experience.

Also, the employee has to be eligible for any type of training or licensing, as well as any professional memberships required. This makes the process of gaining employment in Australia more streamlined and workable without having to worry too much about technical aspects of work.

The job being applied for must also be a full time position that is intended to last at least three years and has the possibility of a renewal.

On the employer’s end of the bargain, as well, they have to have a satisfactory record of training employees, to avoid having incompetent workers. It also must be shown that there isn’t any way to find the proper person from the domestic workforce in Australia.
As well, all the conditions and term of employment must be aligned with Australian industrial law.

As for the employee applying for a visa, there are similar requirements.

Once they have been given a nomination by an employer, they have to file an application for a visa, and pay any applicable fees and charges. the nominee must lodge a visa application anti pay any relevant application charges. There are several factors by which the visa is approved or denied.

First, the employee has to have relevant skills to the job being offered, so that it can be proven they’re the right person for the job. This falls in line with the employer’s inability to find a suitable person in the Australian labor pool and instead has to seek overseas.

They also have to fit the requirements of a highly skilled person, as defined by finishing at least three years of formal training or five years of work experience. Ideally there should be a baccalaureate degree for academic or professional jobs, but work experience will suffice as well especially if the field is known for on the job training. This can apply in manufacturing or trade positions like plumbing, electrical work, or construction.

The nominee has to be able to meet any requirements of being a member of a guild, professional membership or organization and has to hold all necessary licenses.movie Gifted 2017

Obviously the job has to still be open for them to take it – there isn’t any sort of contingency for possible job openings, the job has to be there and ready for the nominee to take
Age is a requirement as well – the nominee can’t be any older than 45 years, because it’s often thought that the older someone gets the less in touch they are with the current industry standards in whatever industry. Also it poses health risks – these may or may not be true thoughts, but that’s simply the way Australian law works and there’s no getting around it.
It’s also a requirement that the nominee be able to speak English and communicate in English well enough to operate in their job, and the fact that English is the official language of Australia.
As far as health goes, all family members and the nominee have to pass a physical screening test and submit an accurate copy of their medical history to be sure that they aren’t carrying any sort of bacteria that could cause disease. Also they all have to pass criminal background checks to be sure that there aren’t going to be any legal difficulties with potential applicants. Basically, as long as the nominee don’t have a criminal history or have any debilitating physical or mental illness, everything will be fine as far as the background checks go.

When applying for a visa of employment in Australia, there are some fees involved that must be paid by either the applicant or the employer choosing to nominate them for a position. First, the full migration fee is approximately $1000, and there is a $100 fee for the initial application form to fill out.

Becoming an employee in Australia can seem like a very daunting process, but if the right credentials are in place and all documentation is properly in order, it can be easier. The immigration offices of Australia are there to make the process of migrating to Australia as an employee much easier than it would be otherwise. By making sure all the requirements for entry are met and that the living situation n Australia is situated, it’s much easier to get started in your career in Australia. The Australian website for the Ministry of Immigration has all the information needed to get started in the migration process.