Climate in Sydney, New South Wales

The weather in New South Wales is pleasantly mild and comfortable. This area is rarely affected from extreme heat and cold. However the most southern areas are generally extremely cold and the northwest regions are more in the hotter temperatures. The Great Divide that runs from the north to the south on the east side of New South Wales has a huge impact on the four diverse climate zones, which are the Western Slopes and the flatter regions to the west, the highlands and the coastal strip.

The warmer waters of the Tasman Sea play a huge role in the climate of the coastal strip; the water keeps the area free from extensive changes in the temperature and increases the rainfall. When exploring this area going east to west across the range away from the coastal plains, you will notice the abrupt change in the elevation. Also, when traveling along the Divide it gradually descends into the Western Plains. This causes the winter snowfalls around the Tableland Regions. live streaming movie

The land slowly levels out the farther west out to the dry inland plains; this area is known for the blustery nights. The hottest temperatures in the state can be found in the far Northwest this is also common for rainfall of as low as 200mm per year.

The changes of the climate in this state are greatly affect by the changes in vegetation as well. It ranges from the dry forests and pastures in the Midwest, to dry plains in the Northwest. Including the alpines in the Southern Alps and the rainforests located in the northeast