Climate in Melbourne, Victoria

The average weather in Victoria is determined by a wide array of climate zones. The Malle region, located in the northwest to the snowfields in the northeastern part of Victoria, The average rainfall typically varies from less the 250 millimeters in parts of Malle to an ample amount of up to 1800 millimeters of much of the mountainous areas.

The Great Divide Mountains located in Victoria reach up to 1986 meters at the highest point; this is at Mt Bogong in the neighborhood of the city Mt Beauty. The Great Divide extends west nearly to the southernmost border of Australia. The land to the west and north of the Great divide levels out to the dryer plains farther from the coast.

Malle, having the warmer climates during the summer months, has an average rainfall below 250mm. In general the rest of the state varies and is generally determined by the alterations in the vegetation, from the ranges of Malle in the northwest portion, to the wetter regions in the south and to the tree covered mountains in Victoria.