Working in Oz

Voluntary and Temporary Work in Australia

Nearly fifty percent of Australian companies hire temporary workers. Temporary workers will work for only a few weeks or months then the employment will end. The main reason companies do this is to cover for someone sick, on leave, or to help during the busy seasons. Businesses find it is more time-efficient and cost effective […]

Working Conditions Australia

Conditions of employment are protected by law, and apply to all workers, except for those on personal or collective contracts. Working hours in Oz vary tremendously. It all depends on your place of employment and your profession. Standard working week is usually 37 to 40 hours. Many employees in Oz work more then ten hours […]

Wages and Salary in Australia

Salary is the prime factor in employment conditions and is fixed through negotiations with the employer. Australia’s job postings do not list the salary for jobs. This makes it difficult for the prospected employee, not knowing what the pay will be for jobs they are applying. Public employees are paid according to pre-determined amounts. The […]

Employment Agencies Australia

Private employment agencies are big business and prevalent in all major cities and towns in Oz. More than 85,000 people annually are employed by these agencies, and over two-thirds of them are engaged in casual work. Large companies are eager to engage agents and consultants to recruit employees, mainly executives, managers, professionals and temporary staff. […]

Jobs in Oz

Oz has a relatively low unemployment rate, so finding a job may be easier than you expect. If you are not a citizen, (e.g. a New Zealander), you may not automatically qualify to work and obtaining a visa may be more difficult than finding a job. The more job applications you fill out, the better […]

Work in Oz

Oz’s labour force has approximately 10 million people; three-fourths of the employed are full-time workers. Unless you have a firm job offer, special qualifications and experience and there is great demand for a particular specialty, you should not plan on working in Oz immediately. To get a good job, you must speak English fluently, and […]