Visas to Australia

ENS Visa – Employer Nomination Scheme

In Australia, for people who want to immigrate and find work there is a method to do so. Like many other nations, Australia has a visa meant specifically for job seekers and those intending to work in Australia as an employee of a business. This visa is called the Employer Nomination Scheme or ENS. It […]

Business Visa for Australia

The Business Skills visa class of Australia‚Äôs migration program strongly encourages people who are successful in their businesses to come to settle permanently in Australia and develop businesses. The governments in recent years have reaffirmed a commitment to selecting high quality business migrants because of the fact of recognizing the benefits they contribute to the […]

Student Visa

A student visa is given only after acceptance to the appropriate course of study, and payment for at least one semester. The students have to meet several additional conditions, which are listed below: Work: You may work up to 20 hours per week during the school period and an unlimited amount during holidays; however, you […]

Temporary Visa Australia

Citizens of all countries, except for New Zealand, are required to have a visa to enter Australia. Generally, the request has to be submitted outside of Australia. A tourist visa is generally valid for six months; however, in special cases, it is subject to extension for another six months.In 2002 about 4.8 million tourists came […]