Migration to Australia

Australian Immigration History

Smaller groups of settlers had begun arriving in the colony even from 1793, but it was 1802-03 that the Home Office in England and Australia began an active campaign to encourage migration, because free settlers were thought of as a necessary addition to the convict population for boosting the economy, so large tracts of land […]

Australia Points Test

Before starting the process, one should review the Australian point test, starting with the immigration category on the basis of profession (sponsors or independent). Points are given for age, profession, language, work experience, Australian degrees, profession of high demand, partner’s status, and study in rural areas. A bonus point is given for financial investment, work […]

Australia Skilled Migration

Those who request migration under this category have to be under 45 years of age and pass the point test that is given on the basis of profession, age, and language. A relative of an Australian citizen (brother, parent, son, or uncle) receives 15 immigration points under the category of Sponsored Skill. However, most of […]

Australia Immigration Process

Since 1945 over 6 million immigrants have arrived on the continent and transformed Australia into the most multicultural country in the world. Nearly a quarter of the current population was born outside of Australia Australia has been a primarily immigrant nation ever since the original settlers from the southeastern parts of Asia settled 40,000 years […]