Living in Hobart Australia

Population: 200,000 inhabitants Founded: 1804 Hobart is the capital of TasmaniaResident Evil: Vendetta 2017 live streaming film Between the Tasmanian Sea Strait, the Derwent River and Mt. Wellington (which towers to a height of 1270 m) lies Hobart, the capital of Tasmania. Tasmania is actually a small island south of the Australian continent and the […]

Living in Canberra Australia

Population: Approximately 320,000 residents Founded: 1911 Canberra is Australia’s capital. It was established as an antidote to the great rivalries between Sydney and Melbourne. In a meeting of representatives from all Australian states in 1889 all agreed that there was a need to establish a common capital. Only in 1906 did they manage to decide […]

Living in Darwin Australia

Population: 107,000 residents Founded:1869 (called Fort Darwin then) Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory and located in the northern tropical area of the continent. It is named after the father of the theory of evolution, who was aboard the ship of the discoverer of Darwin Bay, John Lorth Stocks. Darwin is considered exotic […]

Living in Adelaide Australia

Adelaide was first settled in 1836 by Europeans, who lent it a continental flavor, with stone buildings, an orderly network of streets and avenues, and many parks and gardens gracing neighborhoods throughout the city. Adelaide has always been considered the most liberal city in Australia and today it is proud of its image as a […]

Living in Perth Australia

Population: Approximately 1.4 million residents Founded:1829 (then called Swan River) Perth is the capital of Western Australia. It is a modern, dynamic city that also has quiet areas. The town is located on Australia’s West Coast and is considered one of the most isolated cities in the country. Initially, convicts were brought in to increase […]

Living in Brisbane Australia

Population: Approximately 1.7 million residents Founded: 1842 Brisbane is the capital of Queensland. It is a popular Australian tourist spot offering lovely beaches and islands. Like many other Australian cities Brisbane started out as a convicts’ colony in the middle of the 19th century, but immigrant waves swelled its population until it became the country’s […]

Living in Melbourne Australia

Population: Approximately 3.5 million residents. Founded: 1835. Melbourne is the capital of Victoria and the second largest city in Australia after Sydney. Melbourne is known for its lovely Victorian parks and gardens, and especially for its rich cosmopolitan atmosphere (its population hails from more than 140 different nations). The land on which Melbourne stands today […]

Living in Sydney Australia

Founded: 1788 Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, and is the largest and oldest city in Australia. It began as a city of convicts at beginning of the 19th century, when it was considered a terrible and immoral place. Today it is a little bit hard to view the city in that light, […]

Living in Australia’s Cities

Australian cities rank amongst the world’s top cities for overall quality of living. Research based on an evaluation of quality of life indicators including economic, social, political, and environmental factors, plus an assessment of safety, health, education, and transport. – In 2008, Mercer’s analysis based on an evaluation of thirty nine factors ranked Sydney tenth […]