Australia Skilled Migration

Those who request migration under this category have to be under 45 years of age and pass the point test that is given on the basis of profession, age, and language.

A relative of an Australian citizen (brother, parent, son, or uncle) receives 15 immigration points under the category of Sponsored Skill. However, most of the immigrants who could choose this route actually fall under the category of Independent Skill.

After confirming that your profession is under the appropriate authority and passes the standard points of the department of immigration, you will be requested to pass medical exams that include an X-ray and HIV exam; its cost is about 300 Australian dollars.
In addition one should present a police report that states that you don’t have any criminal record, as well as other documents, such as work references and university diplomas. Most of the documents should be in English.

The price to issue a request as of 2003 is 1,795 Australian dollars, and the process can last an average of 56 weeks.

One may issue the request independently; however, it is recommended to use an Australian immigration agent, who will submit the applications on your behalf. The cost of an agent is between 1,500 and 4,000 Australian dollars.