Australia Points Test

Before starting the process, one should review the Australian point test, starting with the immigration category on the basis of profession (sponsors or independent).

Points are given for age, profession, language, work experience, Australian degrees, profession of high demand, partner’s status, and study in rural areas.

A bonus point is given for financial investment, work experience in an Australian company, and command of another language besides full Cars 3 film online

One should be aware that only one partner has to pass the point test; therefore, partners should choose the candidate who has higher chances.

One should meet a standard point rate according to the request. If you do not meet the standard but you pass the minimum points for accumulation, your request will be saved for another two years; in case the points standard becomes lower your request will be reconsidered. (The experience of the last years indicates the points standard is only getting higher).

Components of Immigration Point Test:

Age: You have to be less than 45 years of age when you submit your request. Be aware that the age factor is determined according to when you first applied.

Profession: Points are given for the professions that are listed on the list that the department of immigration updates according to the status of the employment market.
Before applying for a request, the profession should be evaluated by the proper body. Oftentimes you may be required to prove that you’ve had a few years of work experience in order to have your profession approved.

Language: One should pass an IELTS test to evaluate your English. The test is divided into four parts: listening, writing, reading, and speaking.
The grade you receive will establish the number of points of this category. The test takes place in the British council in Ramat Gan, and the maximum grade for every section is 9. You may find more information in the studying section on this site.

Profession of high demand: The list of professions (MODL) is updated by the department of immigration according to the employment market.

5 points: For higher education in rural areas for a course lasting a minimum of two years.

5 points: If your partner also withstands the point test.

5 bonus points are given for:

– Investments of 100,000 Australian dollars.
– Work experience for over 6 months out of the four years during your stay in Australia prior to submitting the request, in one of the professions that is listed in the list.
– Command of any other language other than English from a specific language list.

15 points: If a relative who is an Australian citizen or holds a permanent resident visa (PR), agrees to take you under his care (sponsorship).